Download the movie The Way Back online. The Way Back (2011) is an Art/Foreign & Drama movie that set to be released wide on January 21, 2011. In The Way Back, the film begins with Janusz, a Polish POW, being interrogated by a Soviet officer. Janusz refuses to admit his guilt. His wife is then brought in to the room. Under duress she makes a statement which condemns Janusz. On the basis of this statement Janusz is sentenced to twenty years in the gulag.

At the camp in Siberia, Janusz meets Mr Smith, an American, in the food queue. After being served, Janusz gives some of his soup to a starving, elderly inmate. Mr Smith remarks that food is valuable and 'kindness can kill you here'. Other inmates that Janusz encounters include an actor named Khabarov; a Russian criminal, Valka, who stabs another inmate in order to use his clothes to pay a gambling debt; and Tomasz, who makes a living by sketching erotic drawings in exchange for food and clothes. There are also Kazik, a 17 year old Pole who suffers from night blindness, Voss, a Latvian priest, and Zoran, a Yugoslav accountant with a cynical sense of humour.

Khabarov confides to Janusz that he has a plan for escaping. Khabarov's proposed route is south to Mongolia, passing Lake Baikal. Janusz begins to store food for an escape. Mr Smith tells Janusz that Khabarov is fantasising about his desire to escape in order to improve his own morale. He adds that, in his opinion, escape is impossible but Janusz maintains his resolve.

During a severe snowstorm, Janusz decides to implement the escape plan. Mr Smith, Valka, in fear of his life due to gambling debts, Zoran, Voss, Tomasz, and Kazik escape with him. The snowstorm increases in intensity and the escapees consider returning to the camp. Janusz insists that the extreme weather increases their chance of escape and, using Valka's knife, cuts protective masks for the group from the bark of trees. Aided by the masks the group continue on into the forest leaving the pursuing guards behind.

On the first night whilst looking for firewood, Kazik becomes lost. Hallucinating about the end of the journey, he freezes to death. His body is discovered close to where the group made camp for the night. He is buried but the group celebrate the fact that he died a free man.

With Janusz leading the way, and navigating, the party successfully negotiate the first part of their journey across the snows of Siberia. However as the climate improves and they reach the forests they become unsure of the precise direction to the lake. After they have spent some time in a large rift, living off the local wildlife, Janusz decides to try and find the lake himself. After walking for three days, Janusz sees the lake from the top of a cliff. He returns to the encampment to tell the others.

Whilst trekking through a forest on the border of the lake, Mr Smith sees a figure in the woods. After approaching carefully, they see that it is a young Polish girl. They talk to the girl who says her name is Irena and that she escaped from a collective farm outside Warsaw, after her parents were murdered by Russian soldiers. The party leave Irena, deciding that her presence would be a burden.

As they continue their journey around the lake, they encounter a large animal trapped in the mud, and kill it for food. Voss then realizes that there is now enough food to feed the girl too, and heads back to the forest to find her. Irena joins the group, talking to each of them in turn, and finds out that Mr Smith was an engineer whose son was killed by the Russians.

Eventually the party reach the Russian/Mongolian border but Valka decides to stay in Russia, because, despite his imprisonment, he still sees Russia as his homeland, and Stalin as a hero.

The group carry on to Ulaanbaatar but as Irena runs towards a great arch leading into the city, she sees that it is decorated with Russian images and a red star implying that Mongolia is now a Communist state and they will not be safe there. They decide that the closest safe place is India and so continue south, across the Gobi desert.

As they cross the desert the party become increasingly dehydrated. Some of them think that they see trees, and therefore water, to the East. Janusz says he thinks it is a mirage and insists that they need to continue South. However, in desperation, some of them make their way East and it becomes apparent that they have discovered a well. They stock up with as much water as they can carry and continue on. As they cross the desert the water runs out and the group begin to grow weak with blisters and sunstroke. Eventually, Irena collapses and dies.

The remaining five continue walking until Tomasz dies and Mr Smith loses the will to live. That evening, while Zoran and Voss continue, Janusz stays behind with the apparently dying Mr Smith. Mr Smith tells Janusz that he cannot overcome the guilt of taking his son to Russia. Janusz explains that he is motivated by the desire to see his wife again so he can forgive her and she can thereby forgive herself, implying Mr Smith should forgive himself too. Mr Smith rejoins the group and the next day they find a small stream of water to save them from dehydration.

By now they are in sight of the Himalayas and whilst resting on a rock are found by a Sherpa who guides them to a Buddhist monastery. They regain their strength but are told by the monks that India cannot safely be reached until spring. Mr Smith decides to continue to Lhasa where there is an American military mission that will enable him to return to the United States, telling the others "they've made it."

Despite the warning of unpredictable snow making the journey difficult, they continue over the Himalayas until they reach the Indian border, where they are given a warm welcome by the locals.

The film ends with Janusz reminiscing about returning home to his wife in 1939. This is followed by a montage of the Communist rule in Poland and its eventual overthrow. The final scene shows Janusz and his wife reunited. Stars in the The Way Back movie are Dragos Bucur as Zoran, Colin Farrell as Valka, Ed Harris as Mr. Smith, Alexandru Potocean as Tomasz, Saoirse Ronan as Irena, Gustaf Skarsgård as Voss, Mark Strong as Khabarov, Jim Sturgess as Janusz, Sebastian Urzendowsky as Kazik, Zahary Baharov as Interrogator, Sally Edwards as Janusz's Wife, Igor Gnezdilov as Bohdan, Dejan Angelov as Andrei, Stanislav Pishtalov as Commandant and Mariy Grigorov as Lazar. The Way Back is directed by Peter Weir and distributed by Newmarket Films, MPAA rating as PG-13. So download free The Way Back (2011) movie HD online.
Watch The Roommate (2011), not yet rated, movie showing on February 4, 2011 in theaters wide. The Roommate is a a Thriller, Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Horror and Teen film. A college freshman, Sara (Minka Kelly), is randomly assigned to a dorm with a stranger named Rebecca (Leighton Meester). They start off as friends, but things turn deadly as Rebecca begins to target people in Sara's life. The Roommate movie stars are leaded by Minka Kelly as Sara Webber, Leighton Meester as Rebecca Woods, Danneel Harris as Irene Crew, Cam Gigandet as Stephen Morterelli, Alyson Michalka as Tracy Morgan, Katerina Graham as Kim Johnson, Matt Lanter as Jason Tanner, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher, Lauren Storm, Cherilyn Wilson as Landy, Tomas Arana as Mr. Woods, Ryan Doom as Rick Shaefer, Elena Franklin as Jessica Smith, Jacqueline Mazarella as Professor Jacobs & Carrie Finklea as Marina Hudgens and directed by Christian E. Christiansen. The film is distributed by Screen Gems. So download free The Roommate (2011) movie online.
The Rite will be released on 28th of January 2011 wide in any theaters. The Rite centers on a disillusioned young American priest. In the Vatican, he learns to carry out exorcisms and finds his faith renewed through encounters with demons. The Rite (2011) is a Drama, Thriller, Horror, Suspense, True Story, Fantasy, Mystery and Adaptation Film directed by Mikael Håfström. The cast of the film are Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas, Colin O'Donoghue as Michael Kovak, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Alice Braga as Angeline, Ciaran Hinds as Father Xavier, Toby Jones as Father Matthew, Rutger Hauer as Istvan Kovak, Chris Marquette, Torrey DeVitto, Rosa Pianeta as Woman in exorcism video, Marta Gastini as Rosaria, Nico Toffoli, Ben Cheetham as Young Mike, Arianna Veronesi as Francesca & Franco Nero. The movie The Rite is under the distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures and MPAA rating is not yet available. Watch free The Rite (2011) movie stream online.
"The Mechanic," rated R, is being released January 28th, 2011 in theaters wide. Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a 'mechanic' - an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. It's a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment, and Bishop is the best in the business. But when his mentor and close friend Harry (Donald Sutherland) is murdered, Bishop is anything but detached. His next assignment is self-imposed - he wants those responsible dead. His mission grows complicated when Harry's son Steve (Ben Foster) approaches him with the same vengeful goal and a determination to learn Bishop's trade. Bishop has always acted alone but he can't turn his back on Harry's son. A methodical hit man takes an impulsive student deep into his world and a deadly partnership is born. But while in pursuit of their ultimate mark, deceptions threaten to surface and those hired to fix problems become problems themselves. Stars are Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, Ben Foster as Steve McKenna, Donald Sutherland as Harry McKenna, Tony Goldwyn as Dean Sanderson, Christa Campbell as Kelly, Nick Jones as Airport Traveler, Amber Fleck Gaiennie as Office Worker, Jeff Chase as Burke, Mini Anden as Sara, Katarzyna Wolejnio as Maria, Monica Acosta as Coffee Bar, Ada Michelle Loridans as Finch's Daughter, Eddie J. Fernandez as Lasa #1 Guard, Beau Brasso as S.W.A.T., J.D. Evermore as Caliban and Liam Ferguson as Parent. Directed by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. The Mechanic (2011) is an Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense, Thriller, Drama & Remake movie and the film distributed by CBS Films.
Watch The Mechanic (2011) movie free stream online.
No Strings Attached is a Romance and Comedy film set to be released this January 21, 2011 in theaters wide. A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not long before they learn that they want something more. The film is directed by Ivan Reitman, under the distribution of Paramount Pictures, MPAA rating is not yet available. No Strings Attached cast are Natalie Portman as Emma Franklin, Ashton Kutcher as Adam Kurtzman, Cary Elwes as Dr. Metzner, Kevin Kline as Alvin, Chris Bridges, Olivia Thirlby as Katie Kurtzman, Lake Bell as Lucy, Ophelia Lovibond as Vanessa, Talia Balsam as Sandra Kurtzman, Greta Gerwig as Patrice, Guy Branum as Guy, Phil LaMarr as Police Officer, Adhir Kalyan as Kevin, Ben Lawson as Sam, Mindy Kaling, Stefanie Scott as Young Emma, Rachael Markarian as Sexy Frat Dancer, Jake M. Johnson as Eli and Matthew Moy as Chuck. Watch No Strings Attached (2011) movie online free.
Download the movie The Green Hornet online. The Green Hornet (2011) is a Comedy, Thriller, Action/Adventure, Crime/Gangster, Adaptation, Martial Arts, Science Fiction/Fantasy, 3D, Post-3D and Superhero movie that set to be released wide on January 14, 2011. In The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), the son of wealthy newspaper publisher James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), is a ne'er do well playboy who inherits a media empire after his father dies. One day, he meets an employee named Kato (Jay Chou), who is more than he appears. After realizing how he and Kato waste their abilities, Britt decides that the two should become crimefighters, taking on the identity of the Green Hornet. With the help of his new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), Britt discovers that Russian criminal Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) controls the city's criminal underworld. Meanwhile, Chudonfsky, paranoid that he is losing his edge as a crime boss, has united all of the gangs of the city and seeks the Green Hornet, believing him to be a direct threat to his elaborate grand plan. Stars in the The Green Hornet movie are Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet, Jay Chou as Kato, Christoph Waltz as Benjamin Chudnofsky, Cameron Diaz as Lenore "Casey" Case, Tom Wilkinson as James Reid, Edward James Olmos as Mike Axford, Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, Analeigh Tipton as Anna Lee, David Harbour as Scanlon, Edward Furlong as Tupper, Emily Hahn as Young Girl, Elena Diaz as Crazy Eddie's Girl, Chad Coleman as Chili, Jamie Harris as Pop Eye, Robert Clotworthy as Politician, Eddie Rouse as Crazy Eddie and Dave Chappelle. The Green Hornet is directed by Michel Gondry and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, MPAA rating as PG-13. So download free The Green Hornet (2011) movie HD online.
Watch The Dilemma (2011), rated PG-13, movie showing on January 14, 2011 in theaters wide. The Dilemma is a Comedy, Romance and Drama film. Ronny Valentine (Vince Vaughn) is unsure if he should tell his best friend and business partner Nick Backman (Kevin James) that his wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) is cheating on him with another man, Zip (Channing Tatum), after catching them in the act. The Dilemma movie stars are leaded by Vince Vaughn as Ronny Valentine, Kevin James as Nick, Jennifer Connelly as Beth, Winona Ryder as Geneva, Channing Tatum as Zip, Talulah Riley as Concept Car Spokesmodel, Chelcie Ross as Thomas Fern, Amy Morton as Diane, Heidi Johanningmeier as Shoot the Puck Girl, Rebecca Spence as Jackie, Debbi Burns as Lady on bench, January Stern as Chrysler Executive, Grace Rex as Cousin Betty, Dilemma as Auto executive & Blackwawk fan and Queen Latifah as Dana and directed by Ron Howard. The film is distributed by Universal Pictures. So download free The Dilemma (2011) movie online.
Season of the Witch will be released on 7th of January 2011 wide in any theaters. Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade (Ron Perlman) to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch (Claire Foy) to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence.

A priest (Stephen Campbell Moore), a grieving knight (Ulrich Thomsen), an itinerant swindler (Stephen Graham) and a headstrong youth (Robert Sheehan) join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl. Season of the Witch (2011) is a Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery, Science Fiction and Suspense/Horror Film directed by Dominic Sena. The cast of the film are Nicolas Cage as Behmen, Ron Perlman as Felson, Stephen Campbell Moore as Debelzaq, Robert Sheehan as Kay, Claire Foy as Anna, Ulrich Thomsen as Eckhardt, Stephen Graham as Hagamar, Christopher Lee as Cardinal D'Ambroise, Matt Devere, Thomas Sangster, Peter Linka as Grand Master, Ada Michelle Loridans as Mila, Rejected Tavern Girl, Heather Bloom as Tavern Girl, Gracie Whitton as Turkish Pesant Girl and Rebekah Kennedy as Peasant Girl. The movie Season of the Witch is under the distribution of Relativity Media and MPAA rating as PG-13. Watch free Season of the Witch (2011) movie stream online.
"True Grit," rated PG-13, is being released December 22nd, 2010 in theaters wide. The film is narrated by Mattie Ross (Elizabeth Marvel), who explains that her father was murdered by one of his hired hands, Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), when she was 14 (Hailee Steinfeld); Chaney made off with her father's horses and two of his California gold pieces. While collecting her father's body, Mattie inquires about a Deputy U.S. Marshal to hire to track down Chaney. She is given three recommendations, but chooses to hire Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), because he is described as the most merciless. He repeatedly rebuffs her attempts to hire him.

Meanwhile, at the boarding house where she is staying, Texas Ranger La Boeuf (Matt Damon) arrives on the trail of Chaney. La Boeuf has been pursuing him for several months over a murder in Texas. He proposes to Mattie that they should team up with Cogburn, since the Marshall knows the Choctaw terrain where Chaney is hiding, while La Boeuf knows how the man is most likely to behave. Mattie rejects La Boeuf's offer, partially because he would take Chaney back to Texas to be hanged for the prior murder, instead of her father's. After finally securing Cogburn's services, Mattie is instructed to meet him the following morning to begin the search for Chaney. Instead of meeting her, though, Cogburn leaves her a note telling her to go home, while he goes to apprehend Chaney.

Mattie catches up with Cogburn after fording a river on her horse. He has teamed up with La Boeuf and agreed to split the Texas reward for Chaney. Accusing him of fraud, Mattie threatens to have Cogburn arrested for breaking their agreement, which specified that she must accompany him on the manhunt. Reluctantly, he allows Mattie to come along. After a disagreement, La Boeuf sets off on his own in search of Chaney. Eventually, Mattie and Cogburn come across an isolated shack, where two outlaws are staying. After they turn on each other, Cogburn kills the older outlaw, and as the younger one is dying, he explains that "Lucky" Ned Pepper (Barry Pepper) and his gang were planning on returning to the shack later that night. Believing Chaney to be riding with Pepper's gang, Cogburn and Mattie lie in wait for the gang.

However, La Boeuf rides up to the shack ahead of the gang. When the gang arrives, they lasso La Boeuf and drag him behind a horse. Cogburn opens fire from his hiding spot, and kills several members of the gang, wounding La Boeuf. During the night, Cogburn drinks a great deal of whiskey and is severely drunk the next morning. The following night, he and La Boeuf argue again, and La Boeuf departs once more. The next morning, as Mattie draws water at the river, she encounters Chaney who is watering the gang's horses. She draws her father's pistol and shoots him. The pistol misfires as she tries to finish him off, and he drags her back to the gang. Ned uses Mattie as a hostage, to get Cogburn to ride off. Ned leaves Mattie with Chaney, ordering him not to kill her. He plans to send a horse back for Chaney later in the day, once the gang have reached a new hideout.

Once alone, Chaney attacks Mattie; La Boeuf arrives and saves Mattie by knocking Chaney out with his rifle butt. La Boeuf explains that when he heard the shots he doubled back and met up with Cogburn, who hatched a plan. The two watch from the hill above to the valley below, where Cogburn faces off against Pepper and the three other members of his gang. Cogburn charges wielding two handguns akimbo style. Though Cogburn is shot and wounded, he kills the rest of Pepper's men and shoots and wounds Pepper. Pepper shoots Cogburn's horse and Cogburn becomes trapped under the corpse. The wounded Pepper prepares to finish off Cogburn, but La Boeuf opens fire and kills Pepper. Just then Chaney wakes up and knocks out La Boeuf but Mattie takes La Boeuf's rifle. Mattie shoots and kills Chaney, but the recoil of the gun knocks her down into a snakepit, where she is bitten on the hand by a rattlesnake. Cogburn climbs down the pit and shoots all of the snakes, while La Boeuf wakes up and pulls them up. Cogburn orders La Boeuf to stay put on the hill, and says he will send a horse for him in the morning. Cogburn takes Mattie and runs all night to get her to a doctor. When they are only a few miles from the nearest town, the horse collapses of exhaustion and Cogburn shoots it to relieve it of its misery. Cogburn picks up Mattie and continues on foot, arriving just in time and saving Mattie's life.

Twenty-five years later, Mattie – now 39 and with only one arm, due to amputation necessitated by the snakebite – receives an invitation from Cogburn to meet him at a traveling Wild West show with which he is performing. When she arrives at the site, she learns that Cogburn died three days earlier. She has his body moved into her family plot, and the film ends with her standing over his grave and pondering how time catches up with everyone. Stars are Jeff Bridges as Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn, Matt Damon as La Boeuf, Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney, Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross, Barry Pepper as "Lucky" Ned Pepper, Domhnall Gleeson as Moon, Ed Corbin as Bear Grit, Paul Rae as Emmett Quincy, Nicholas Sadler as Sullivan, Bruce Green as Harold Parmalee, Joe Stevens as Lawyer Goudy, Elizabeth Marvel as Adult Mattie Ross, Leon Russom as Sheriff, Mary Anzalone as Ft. Smith Traveling Lady/Memphis Lady and Dakin Matthews as Colonel Stonehill. Directed by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. True Grit (2010) is an Action/Adventure, Western, Adaptation, Drama and Remake movie and the film distributed by Paramount Pictures. Watch True Grit (2010) movie free stream online.
Little Fockers is a Sequels and Comedy film set to be released this December 22, 2010 in theaters wide. Gaylord "Greg" Focker and his wife Pam, daughter of retired CIA agent Jack, have five-year-old twins, Henry and Samantha.

Jack has heart problems and appoints Greg to the new head of the family, the "Godfocker". However, he starts to have doubt about his decision, because he thinks Greg has an affair with Andi Garcia, a sexy pharmaceutical-company representative. This is not true, the impression is due to coincidences and drunkenness of Andi. Jack even suggests to Pam that it might be better to divorce Greg and resume her relationship with Kevin Rawley, her former fiancé. Greg and Pam are annoyed by this.

In order to prove he can look after the family, Greg tries to get his children into a better school (although he almost blows the chance), build a new house (which has problems in the garden), and get his finances in order. Upon meeting Bob (Debbie's ex-husband), he tells Greg that he has never been happier after getting off "the hamster wheel" and that he was Jack's first choice to lead the family and gave him the name "The Bobfather", which makes him a little upset. Jack and Greg eventually make up at the twins' birthday party after a fight, in which Jack suffers a heart attack and Greg saves his life. The film ends four months later on Christmas when Jack, Dina, Bernie and Roz come to spend Christmas with Pam and Greg in their new house and Greg's parents tell them that they are moving to Chicago and are going to move two houses down from theirs. To this, Jack and Dina say they will move too, because if they want to be close to their grandchildren too, which Bernie and Roz are delighted about - although both Pam and Greg insist neither should move. The film is directed by Paul Weitz, under the distribution of Universal Pictures, MPAA rating as PG-13. Little Fockers cast are Robert De Niro as Jack Tiberius Byrnes, Ben Stiller as Gaylord "Greg" Myron Focker, Blythe Danner as Dina Byrnes, Teri Polo as Pamela Martha "Pam" Byrnes-Focker, Dustin Hoffman as Bernard "Bernie" Focker, Barbra Streisand as Rosalind "Roz" Focker, Owen Wilson as Kevin Rawley, Jessica Alba, Laura Dern as The Headmistress, Harvey Keitel, Colin Baiocchi as Henry Focker and Daisy Tahan as Samantha Focker. Watch Little Fockers (2010) movie online free.
Download the movie Gulliver's Travels online. Gulliver's Travels (2010) is a Comedy, Adaptation, Science Fiction, 3D, Action/Adventure, Post-3D and Fantasy movie that set to be released wide on December 25, 2010. In Gulliver's Travels, businessman Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) is presented as the boss of a newcomer named Dan (T.J. Miller), but he is promoted and is now Gulliver's new boss. Deeply depressed, Gulliver overcomes this by coming to Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet), and agreeing to write a report about his "travels". The next day, Darcy presents Gulliver with a new task – he must travel to the Bermuda Triangle and write a description confirming that the legend of ships mysteriously disappearing in the area being caused by extraterrestrials is not true.

Upon arrival, Gulliver is overwhelmed by a waterspout and lands on the seashore of Lilliput, where he is immediately confirmed as a "beast" by the town's microscopic population. He is annihilated and imprisoned in a cave, citizens claiming him too dangerous a threat. Here, he meets another prisoner named Horatio (Jason Segel) who was jailed by General Edward (Chris O'Dowd) because of crushing on Princess Mary of Lilliput (Emily Blunt). After the island across of Lilliput enacts an invasion, Gulliver manages to rescue the Princess from being kidnapped and saves her father, King Benjamin (Billy Connolly) from a fire using his urine.

Gulliver is declared a hero by Lilliput's citizens; Edward, however, becomes enraged due to the accommodations he receives, even being presented as a general of Lilliput. The next day, chaos ensues as the population across Lilliput enact an attack on the city. Gulliver defeats the population again, invulnerable to the cannons (although receiving numerous scars).

Edward abandons the army, joining the enemy forces instead. Using a powerful and gigantic machine, Gulliver surrenders and is banished to the island across of Lilliput, admittedly saying that he is "just the guy from the mailroom". Meanwhile, he is captured by a native giantess and Darcy is imprisoned in a similar manner Gulliver was at the beginning of the journey. Horatio reveals to Gulliver that she was annihilated. Gulliver narrowly escapes with him, using a parachute from the giantess's dollhouse.

Once again accepting a duel from Edward, Gulliver ultimately defeats him (with the assistance of Horatio, who disables the machine's cable) and he, along with Darcy, return to New York, reconciled as a couple. Stars in the Gulliver's Travels movie are Jack Black as Lemuel Gulliver, Emily Blunt as Princess of Lilliput, Jason Segel as Horatio, Amanda Peet as Darcy, T.J. Miller as Dan, Catherine Tate as Queen Isabelle of Lilliput, Billy Connolly as King of Lilliput, Chris O'Dowd as Edward, Romany Malco as Young Hank, Nikki Harrup, James Corden as Jinks, Emmanuel Quatra as King Leopold, Olly Alexander as Prince August, Richard Laing as Nigel Travel Writer, David Sterne as Foreman, Stewart Scudamore as Blefuscian Captain, Jonathan Aris as Lilliputian Scientist and Danni Bennatar as Princess. Gulliver's Travels is directed by Rob Letterman and distributed by 20th Century Fox, MPAA rating as PG. So download free Gulliver's Travels (2010) movie HD online.
Watch Country Strong (2010), rated PG-13, movie showing on December 22, 2010 in theaters wide. Country Strong is a Drama and Musical/Performing Arts film. A rising young singer-songwriter, Beau Hutton (Garrett Hedlund), gets involved with fallen country music star Kelly Canter (Gwyneth Paltrow) and the pair embark on a tour to resurrect her career, helmed by her husband/manager, James (Tim McGraw), who accompanies them along with beauty queen-turned-singer Chiles Stanton (Leighton Meester). Complications arising from romantic entanglements and old demons threaten to derail them all. Country Strong movie stars are leaded by Gwyneth Paltrow as Kelly Canter, Tim McGraw as Ed, Leighton Meester as Chiles Stanton, Garrett Hedlund as Beau Hutton, Kayla Perkins as Dallas & Houston Fan, Alana Grace as Ginny, Katie Groshong as Richard's Assistant, Ed Bruce as Clint, Jeffrey Buckner Ford as Richard, Jeremy Childs as JJ, Dawn Lyn as Houston Fan, Sean Symons as Paparazzo, Vernon Mitchell as Personal Assistant, Jim O'Rear as Roadie, Robert Lee Bell as Joe the Bartender & Marshall Chapman as Winnie and directed and written by Shana Feste. The film is distributed by Screen Gems. So download free Country Strong (2010) movie online.
Yogi Bear will be released on 17th of December 2010 wide in any theaters. When Jellystone Park starts losing visitors, the mayor decides to shut it down. That would mean everyone will lose the joy of the outdoors, and worst of all, Yogi and Boo Boo will be thrown out of the only home they have ever known. So Yogi and Boo Boo must team up with their archenemy, Ranger Smith, to save the park. Yogi Bear (2010) is a Comedy, Kids/Family, Animation, Adventure, 3D, Shot-In-3D, Action and Adaptation Film directed by Eric Brevig. The cast of the film are Dan Aykroyd as Yogi Bear (voice), Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo Bear (voice), Tom Cavanagh as Ranger Smith, Anna Faris as Rachel, T. J. Miller as Ranger Jones, Andrew Daly as Mayor Brown, Nate Corddry as Chief of Staff, Dean Knowsley as Agent Florimo, Josh Robert Thompson as Narrator (voice), David Stott, Greg Johnson as Dirty Shopper, Christy Quillam as Stylist, Patricia Aldersley as Elderly Purse Lady, Tim McLachlan as Purse Snatcher, Hayden Vernon as Security Guard & Barry Duffield as Bodyguard. The movie Yogi Bear is under the distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures and MPAA rating as PG. Watch free Yogi Bear (2010) movie stream online.
"TRON: Legacy," rated PG, is being released December 17th, 2010 in theaters wide. For twenty years, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) has been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges), an innovative software programmer and former CEO of ENCOM International. One night, an executive consultant for ENCOM and friend of Kevin, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), sends Sam to investigate a mysterious page originating from the long abandoned Flynn's Arcade. While searching for clues, Sam is suddenly transported to the digital world of The Grid. Aided by the digital warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), Sam is reunited with his father and together set out on a journey to return home. Encountering vehicles, weapons, and landscapes that have become far more advanced than before, father, son, and Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) must evade Clu 2, an updated version of Flynn's original hacking program, which will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Stars are Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/Clu, Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, Olivia Wilde as Quorra, Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/Tron, James Frain as Jarvis, Beau Garrett as Gem, Michael Sheen as Castor/Zuse, Anis Cheurfa as Rinzler, Serinda Swan as Siren #2, Yaya DaCosta as Siren #3, Elizabeth Mathis as Siren #4, Kis Yurij as Half Faced Man, Conrad Coates as Bartik, Daft Punk as Masked DJ's, John Hurt and Ron Selmour as Chattering Homeless Man. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. TRON: Legacy (2010) is an Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, 3D, Shot-In-3D, Mystery/Suspense and Sequel movie and the film distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Watch TRON: Legacy (2010) movie free stream online.
How Do You Know is a Drama, Romance, Sports and Comedy film set to be released this December 17, 2010 in theaters wide. Lisa is a woman whose athletic ability is the defining passion of her life, having been her focus since early childhood. When she is cut from her team, everything she has ever known is suddenly taken from her. Not knowing what to do, she stumbles toward regular life. In this mode, she begins a fling with Matty, a major league baseball pitcher, a self-centered ladies man -- a narcissist with a code of honor.

George is a straight-arrow businessman whose complicated relationship with his father, Charles, takes a turn when George is accused of a financial crime, even though he's done nothing wrong. Though he may be headed to jail, George's honesty, integrity, and unceasing optimism may be his only path to keeping his sanity.

Before Lisa's relationship with Matty takes root, she meets George for a first date on the worst evening of each of their lives: she has just been cut, and he has just been served. When everything else seems to be falling apart, they will discover what it means to have something wonderful happen. The film is directed by James L. Brooks, under the distribution of Sony Pictures Releasing, MPAA rating as PG-13. How Do You Know cast are Reese Witherspoon as Lisa Jorgenson, Paul Rudd as George, Owen Wilson as Matty, Jack Nicholson as Charles, Dean Norris as Tom, Andrew Wilson as Relief Pitcher #1, Kathryn Hahn as Annie, Yuki Matsuzaki as Tori, Brian O'Halloran as Waiter, Domenick Lombardozzi as Ryan, Mark Linn-Baker as Ron, Shelley Conn as Terry, Daniel Benzali as Tower, Tara Subkoff as Subpoena Woman and Molly Price as Sally. Watch How Do You Know (2010) movie online free.
Download the movie The Fighter online. The Fighter (2010) is a Drama, Biography, Crime, True Story, Adaptation, Biopic and Sports movie that set to be released wide on December 10, 2010. In The Fighter, as a welterweight from the wrong side of the tracks, Dickie Eklund is the pride of working class Lowell, Massachusetts. Living in his shadow is his half-brother and sparring partner Micky Ward. It's part of the Irish pride to let Dickie lead the way and win a championship belt first. However, after suffering a humiliating defeat to Sugar Ray Leonard, Dickie plunges into a nightmare of crack addiction, violence and prison. His family's hopes are crushed in the wake of Dickie's demise. Like a real life Rocky, Micky fights on his own terms and pulls his family out of despair with his meteoric rise in the ring. Freshly paroled Dickie finds redemption training his little brother, now known as Irish Micky Ward, for his Welterweight Championship bout with Shea Neary. Stars in the The Fighter movie are Mark Wahlberg as "Irish" Micky Ward, Christian Bale as Dick "Dickie" Eklund, Amy Adams as Charlene, Melissa Leo as Alice Eklund, Jack McGee as George Ward, Frank Renzulli as Sal LoNano, Erica McDermott as Cindy "Tar" Ecklund, Melissa McMeekin as "Little" Alice Ward, Bianca Hunter as Cathy "Pork" Ecklund, Dendrie Taylor as Gail "Red Dog" Eklund Carney, Kate O'Brien as Phyllis "Beaver" Ecklund, Jenn Lamia as Sherri Ward, Jill Quigg as Donna Ecklund, Caitlin Dwyer as Kasie Ward, Anders Meader as Fight security, Mickey O'Keefe as Himself and Joshua Dugay as Young Dickie Eklund. The Fighter is directed by David O. Russell and distributed by  Paramount Pictures, MPAA rating as R. So download free The Fighter (2010) movie HD online.
Watch The Tourist (2010), rated PG-13, movie showing on December 10, 2010 in theaters wide. The Tourist is a Drama, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery/Suspense and Remake film. The movie begins by following a mysterious woman named Elise (Jolie) who is walking around Paris while being trailed by a number of men who work for Scotland Yard. She sits down at a cafe and receives a letter from Alexander Pearce, a former lover of hers, with explicit directions to board a train to Venice, Italy and pick out a man who resembles him and make the police believe that that man is Alexander Pearce. A mysterious man, not involved with the police, seems to be watching Elise. Elise burns the letter, follows her directions and boards a train, cleverly avoiding the police.

As she walks down the train she sees Frank (Depp), an American tourist, Elise sits down and talks about spy novels. Frank is instantly attracted to Elise and is curious about her. The train arrives, and the two of them take a boat to Elise's hotel. The two have dinner and much to Frank's dismay, Elise admits of having feelings for another man, presumably Alexander Pierce. They drink and kiss.

The next day, Frank awakens to find Elise gone. Then suddenly, men try to break into the hotel room, Frank barely escapes and is caught by the police. Frank does not know why these men are after him, and the Italian police don't believe Frank's story until one officer does and takes Frank out of the jail only to bring him to the clutches of the men who invaded Elise's hotel room. Elise appears suddenly and rescues Frank, and the two leave on a boat. Elise finally tells Frank that all this is happening because she kissed him and made the police believe that he was Alexander Pierce. Frank learns that Pearce stole 2 billion from a gangster (Steven Berkoff) and is wanted by the British Government for tax evasion. Stunned by the news, Frank confesses that he still does not regret kissing Elise.

Elise apologizes for getting him involved at all and tricks Frank off the boat. As Elise leaves, Frank says that he loves her. Elise drives the boat into what looks like a government building. She turns out to be a secret agent for Britain. Elise sees fellow British agent Acheson (Bettany), who was following her in Paris. Elise was supposed to find out information about Pearce but fell in love with him and had disappeared from her job until now. She tells Acheson that she is ready to help them find Pearce. Elise goes to a ball to meet with Pearce, wearing a wire. Elise is handed a letter by the same mysterious man from Paris. The letter is from Pearce saying to meet him. The man leaves; it is to be assumed that the man is Pearce. As Elise turns to leave, Frank is standing in front of her. He asks her to dance and tells her that he does not regret their meeting. Elise leaves to find Pearce and agent Acheson grabs Frank. They both watch Elise go into a room to find Pierce. Unfortunately, Elise walks into a trap set by the gangster Shaw who was cheated out of billions by Pearce. The gangster threatens to kill her unless the money is returned. Agent Acheson doesn't help Elise, thinking that Pearce will rescue her and then Pearce can be taken to jail.

Elise finds the safe's location but does not know the code. Frank watches in horror as Elise is threatened yet again. Seeing that Acheson won't help Elise, Frank picks the lock to his handcuffs, and escapes to help her. Frank walks into the room and pretends to be Pearce. Elise tells him to stop or he will be killed. Frank, acting as Pearce, tells Shaw that he will get his money if Elise is safe. As Frank walks to open the safe, Elise mouths 'I love you.' All of a sudden, the police shoot Shaw and his men. Frank and Elise are unharmed and safe. As the police come, agent Acheson can't believe that Pierce did not save Elise and is angry that Pearce is free yet again. Then the police get word that Pearce has been picked up. As the room clears, Elise and Frank embrace.

Frank asks Elise if she still loves Pearce. Elise answers yes. As she says that, Frank enters the correct code for the safe. Frank is the real Alexander Pearce. Pearce had gotten plastic surgery so he could have a new life. It is unclear whether Elise had known that Frank was Pearce. As police come back they find the safe empty. As the police pick the man they believe to be Pearce up, the man explains that he was paid to pretend to be Pearce and that he is just a tourist. Elise and Frank/Pearce leave on a boat with the money, finally being able to be together. When the head ispector comes to the safe he finds a bankers check for the 744 million pounds in back taxes Pearce owed the British government had been left behind by the fugitive for the police to find. The Tourist movie stars are leaded by Angelina Jolie as Elise Ward, Johnny Depp as Frank Taylor, Paul Bettany as Acheson, Rufus Sewell as The Englishman, Timothy Dalton as Jones, Steven Berkoff as Ivan Demidov, Raoul Bova, Vytaute Andrijauskaite as Jane, Christian De Sica as Lombardi, Bruno Wolkowitch as French Sergeant, Mhamed Arezki as French Courier, Julien Baumgartner as French Officer #2, Igor Jijikine as Demidov's Thug, Jean-Marie Lamour as French Waiter, Ralf Moeller, Marc Ruchmann as French Officer #1 & Nino Frassica as Italian municipal guard and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The film is distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. So download free The Tourist (2010) movie online.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be released on 10th of December 2010 wide in any theaters. The two youngest Pevensie children, Lucy and Edmund, are staying with their odious cousin Eustace Scrubb during the final days of the second World War, while their older brother Peter is studying for his university entrance exams and their older sister Susan is traveling through America with their parents. Edmund notices a wondrous painting hanging on the wall in Lucy's bedroom. As the Pevensie children speak of how very Narnian the ship is, Eustace teases them about their secret country. An argument ensues, until Lucy notices water coming out of the painting, which submerges the room and threatens to drown the three. Swimming upwards, they instead find themselves at sea, with the same ship approaching. Lucy recognizes her rescuer as Caspian, the King of Narnia, and the three are taken aboard. The Dawn Treader is the first ship Narnia has seen in centuries as King Caspian's Telmarine ancestors had never built ships as they had always feared the sea. Three years have passed since peace has been established in Narnia, and Caspian has undertaken an oath to find the seven lost Lords of Narnia. Lucy and Edmund are delighted to be back in Narnia, but Eustace is less enthusiastic and at odds with the talking Mouse Reepicheep, who has joined the crew in hopes to see Aslan's Country beyond the seas of the "utter East".

They first make landfall at the Lone Islands, Narnian territory which has become a heaven for slave trade. Caspian, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace are captured as slaves. While imprisoned, Caspian meets one of the lost lords, Lord Bern, who reveals that those not sold are sacrificed to a mysterious green mist he and the others were investigating. When the Dawn Treader crew arrives during an auction, Caspian and Edmund manage to escape and free Eustace and Lucy, taking the Lone Island back from the traders. Caspian names Bern duke of the Lone Islands while given one of the seven swords the lords possess. Before leaving, a man whose wife was captured and sacrificed to the green mist, pleads to go with Caspian to find his wife. Though left in Narrowhaven with her aunt, Gael, the man's daughter, stows away to find her mother and is accepted by the crew.

At the second island they visit, Lucy is abducted by the invisible Dufflepuds who force her to enter their oppressor's manor to recite a spell of visibility. While doing this, Lucy rips out a page from the spell book that details an enchantment to make her like her sister. Later Lucy and the others learn the oppressor actually cast the spell to protect the Dufflepuds from the evil green mist that comes from Dark Island and is becoming stronger. To defeat the Dark Island before its evil can grow and consume Narnia, the crew must locate the other Swords of the Seven Lords and lay them in Aslan's Table on Ramandu's island. During a storm after leaving the Dufflepuds' island, Lucy decides to read the torn page from the Book of Incantations that contains the spell to make her beautiful. She suddenly find herself as Susan, and back on Earth at a party, together with Edmund and Peter. Realizing that Lucy is not around, she's bothered by her conscience and decides to be herself. Lucy becomes herself again, and sees Aslan through a mirror who tells her that she mustn't lack self-value for she is beautiful just the way she is. Lucy wakes up, goes to Caspian and Edmund, who have also plagued by the green mist playing on their personal demons: Edmund's self-doubt assuming the form of Jadis, the White Witch and Caspian with his fear of not living up to his father's expectations.

The group then makes a stop at a volcanic island, with Eustace leaving the group to avoid participating in the work and finding a massive treasure that arouses his greed. He fills his pockets with gold and jewels and puts on a large golden bracelet from a corpse. Elsewhere, Caspian and the Pevensies find a pool of water which turns everything immersed in it into gold, including Lord Restimar. As they obtain his sword they are almost tempted by the gold and Edmund and Caspian almost killed each other over it. Lucy manages to calm them both, and they return to the ship. Realizing that Eustace is missing Caspian and Edmund volunteer to find him. Soon after as they are about to leave, the group encounters a dragon which destroys some parts of the ship. Reepicheep injures the dragon, which then flees back to the island. Caspian and Edmund, who think that Eustace is dead (as they found his burnt shirt together with the corpse who was revealed as Lord Octesian and his sword), encounter the dragon, which abducts Edmund. The dragon takes Edmund to a place where words made of the dragon's fiery breath indicates that the dragon is Eustace.

They continue their journey with great difficulty as the wind dies, but Eustace helps them out by pulling the ship. In addition, he and Reepicheep soon become friends with the mouse keeping the despondent boy company with such empathy that he becomes Eustace's constant companion riding the boy's dragon form in flight. Eventually they reach the Island of the Star, where they find the three remaining lost lords in enchanted sleep. They also saw the three swords belonging to the three lords. They realized that this is Aslan's Table. Caspian guesses that what made them sleep is the food, which is served in front of them. Lucy sees the star, Ramandu's daughter Lilliandil, who tells them that the only way to awaken the three lords is by setting things right and reveals the last lord, Lord Rhoop, is on Dark Island itself. Lilliandil also tells them that the three lords' slumber was not caused by the food, but by their argument, which was forbidden in front of Aslan's Table.

At Dark Island, Caspian warned his crew about their temptations as they venture to the island. There they found Lord Rhoop, rendered half mad and desperate from his long solitude as Eustace had to carry him on the ship before. However, Edmund's fear-ridden thoughts manifest as a sea serpent. Though Eustace helps in fighting the sea-serpent, Rhoop fearfully throws his sword and it sticks in Eustace's back. Eustace flies to Ramandu's island and lands in a snowfield. Soon Aslan appears to him and claws at the ground: Eustace is engulfed in a fire-like substance and transformed back into a boy, so he may place Rhoop's sword with the other six. That completes the magic to defeat the Dark Island as Edmund overcomes his inner demons and slays the sea serpent. The darkness and the Dark Island disappeared, leaving all the boats and boatfuls of people who had been sacrificed to the Darkness by the slave merchants and elsewhere.

Soon after the events at Ramandu's Island, Caspian heads to the world's end with Reepicheep, Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace, venturing in a small boat through a sea of lilies until they reach a wall of water that extends into the sky. There they meet Aslan, telling them that beyond them is his country. Caspian asks Aslan whether his father is there, but Aslan said that the only way to know is to go there by himself though he may never return from there. Caspian decides not to go, as he cannot leave his kingdom which his father fought for until his death. Reepicheep gains Aslan's blessing to see his country, paddling a coracle up the waterfall to be never again seen in Narnia. Aslan then sends the children home, telling them that Edmund and Lucy will not return to Narnia and that they should learn to know him by another name in their own world. However, Eustace, now a much nicer person from his time in Narnia, can return someday. Back in his world with his cousins, Eustace's mother calls him for he has a visitor, Jill Pole. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) is an Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation, Kids/Family, 3D, Post-3D and Sequel Film directed by Michael Apted. The cast of the film are Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie, Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie, Will Poulter as Eustace Scrubb, Ben Barnes as King Caspian, Liam Neeson as the voice of Aslan,  Colin Moody as Auctioneer, (Narnians - Simon Pegg as the voice of Reepicheep, Gary Sweet as Lord Drinian, Shane Rangi as Tavros the Minotaur, Morgan Evans as Randy the Faun, Steven Rooke as Nausus the Faun,Tamati as Jemain the Minotaur, Ryan Ettridge as Caprius the Satyr, Mirko Grillini as The Belligerent Telmarine, Tony Nixon and Arthur Angel as Rynelf and Rhince, (Lone Islanders - Terry Norris as Lord Bern, David Vallon as Governor Gumpas, Arabella Morton as Gael, Catarina Hebbard as Gael's Aunt, Ozzie Devrish as Slaver, Michael Foster as Gumpas' Money Collector, Laura Brent as Lilliandil, (Other Islands - Bille Brown as Coriakin, Roy Billing as Chief Dufflepud, Bruce Spence as Lord Rhoop, Mary Bradney-George as Dufflepud 5, (Cameos - William Moseley as Peter Pevensie, Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie & Tilda Swinton as Jadis). The movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is under the distribution of Fox Walden and MPAA rating as PG. Watch free The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) movie stream online.
"The Warrior's Way," rated R, is being released December 3rd, 2010 in theaters wide. The story follows the actions of a warrior named Yang (Jang Dong-gun) who is ordered to kill the last member of an enemy clan--a baby. He refuses the mission and flees with the child to a small town. Despite his attempts, his enemies close in on him and he must fight to protect the child and his new-found comrades; Ron (Geoffrey Rush), the town drunk, and Lynne (Kate Bosworth), a knife-thrower in the circus, both who harbor dark secrets. Stars are Jang Dong-gun as Yang, Geoffrey Rush as Ron, Kate Bosworth as Lynne, Danny Huston as The Colonel, Tony Cox as 8-Ball, Ti Lung as Saddest Flute, Ash Jones as Rug, Analin Rudd as Baby April, Nic Sampson as Pug, Ryan Richards as Slug, Matt Gillanders as Geyser, Eoin McDonald as Hell Rider, Markus Hamilton as Baptiste, Rod Lousich as Craig, Christina Asher as Esmerelda, Jed Brophy as Jacques, Carl Bland as Billy, Ian Harcourt as Lofty, Tony Wyeth as Smithy and Chontelle Melgren as Young Lynne. Directed and written by Sngmoo Lee. The Warrior's Way (2010) is an Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Western, Martial Arts and Science Fiction movie and the film distributed by Relativity Media. Watch The Warrior's Way (2010) movie free stream online.
Tangled is a Kids/Family, Musical/Performing Arts, Action/Adventure, Animation, Drama, 3D, Shot-In-3D, Adaptation and Comedy film set to be released this November 24, 2010 in theaters wide. Once a upon a time, a king and queen found that they were expecting a child. Unfortunately, the queen grew very ill during her pregnancy, leaving the life of her unborn child and herself in the balance. Desperate, a servant ventures to steal a magical healing plant from the garden of an evil witch named Gothel who used it to frequently rejuvenate herself in order to avoid death. This restored the queen to her former health and gives the baby princess, Rapunzel, healing powers. As revenge for having her plant stolen, and still coveting its power, Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel to retake the youth-restoring power for herself. Rapunzel grows up locked in a tower, with only the Mother Gothel and a chameleon names Pascal for company. The witch constantly puts her down and forbids her from ever leaving the tower. Every year on Rapunzel's birthday, the kingdom has a festival of lights in remembrance of their lost princess. Rapunzel sees the lights from her window and longs to visit the kingdom. One day, a thief named Flynn Rider breaks into her tower. Rapunzel takes his satchel containing the stolen crown jewels. She promises to return it if he will help her out of the tower and take her to the light festival, and Flynn agrees. They escape along with Rapunzel's pet chameleon Pascal, and Maximus, a horse who takes it upon himself to capture Flynn and return him to the royal guards. After a series of confrontations with Gothel and the royal guards, Flynn and Rapunzel make it to the light festival. While, there, Rapunzel sees a picture of a small baby with golden hair, not knowing she is looking at a picture of herself when she was a baby. On a lake viewing the lights, Flynn and Rapunzel fall in love. However, Gothel takes Rapunzel home and ties Flynn to a ship, which is discovered by the royal guards who capture Flynn. Rapunzel thinks Flynn left her and goes back to the tower with Gothel.

Flynn breaks out of prison and together with Maximus, they head off to save Rapunzel. At the tower, Rapunzel then realizes that she is the lost princess and tries to escape only to have Gothel tie her up. Flynn arrives at the tower only to be stabbed by Gothel with a knife. Rapunzel promises to Gothel that once she heals Flynn with her magical healing powers, she will stay with Gothel. Gothel agrees since Rapunzel never breaks her promises. Before Rapunzel can heal Flynn, Flynn cuts off her hair. Gothel shrieks and turns to dust as Rapunzel's hair was Gothel's life source for her youth. Flynn still gets healed by a tear from Rapunzel which falls on his cheek and heals him. Rapunzel goes with Flynn to the castle and reunites with her parents. Flynn and Rapunzel get married and live happily ever after. The film is directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, under the distribution of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, MPAA rating as PG. Tangled cast are Mandy Moore as Princess Rapunzel, Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider, Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel, Brad Garrett as Hookhand, Ron Perlman as Stabbington Brother, Jeffrey Tambor as Big Nose Thug, Richard Kiel as Vladamir, M.C. Gainey as Captain of the Guard and Paul F. Tompkins as Shorty. Watch Tangled (2010) movie online free.

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